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Oligotherapy® Products

Dr Retter® Oligotherapy™ is a range of cutting-edge superefective dermatologic cosmeceutical products, created bearing in mind the most demanding skin types which require meticulous daily care and regeneration. Development of the prestigious innovative series of preparations branded as Oligotherapy (in Greek „ὀλίγος” — “tiny”) was based on the global scientifc research proving therapeutic efect of microelements, vitamins and oligominerals on the skin condition. Nutritive formulas, rich in top-quality active ingredients, enable correction of typical skin problems, such as: low moisture content, laxity, dryness, roughness, redness and discoloration. The experts of R&D Dr Retter EC have developed exclusive formulas, free of allergens (parabens, synthetic colorant, vaseline, genetically modifed substances), making the Oligotherapy line unique.